Curriculum Vitae

 H. Gunther Perdigao

IPA Leadership Experience

North American Representative to the IPA Board, 2017-present

Secretary-General (Vice President) IPA 2009-2013

Chair North American International New Groups 2013-2017,  Chair Sponsoring Committees for Recife and Campo Grande Brazil

North American Chair IPA Election Committee 2006

Member House of Delegates, 2002-04

Member of IPA Education Committee 2000-05

Associate Secretary IPA during Etchegoyen Administration, 1993-1997

Member of Executive Council IPA 1993-1997

Leadership Roles in Constituent and Regional Organizations and Related Professional/Academic Organizations:

President New Orleans Psychoanalytic Society

President New Orleans Psychoanalytic Institute

Member of APsaA Certification Committee

Member of APsaA Committee on Institutes

Chair, APsaA Task Force on Eitengen Model, 2015

Liaison Person between APsaA and FEPAL 1988-93

Teaching Experience

Within IPA Psychoanalytic InstitutesCourses taught at New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center (previously New Orleans Psychoanalytic Institute and Society):

Adult Program: Technique I, Basic Concepts, Analyzability, History and Development of Psychoanalytic Principals, Freud: A One-year Course, Human Development, Continuous Case Seminar, Applied Psychoanalysis

Child Program: Child Development, Child Psychopathology, Child Technique in Different Development stages, Continuous Case Seminar

Other Teaching Experience (outside IPA Institutes)

Louisiana Statement University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry: taught and supervised residents in both Adult and Child Psychiatry.

Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry: Taught and supervised residents in both Adult and Child Psychiatry.

Consultant Protestant Children’s Home

Consultant Children’s Bureau

Consultant St. Elizabeth Orphanage for girls

Professional and Community service:

Board Member, Family Service Society

Member, Impaired Physician Committee of Orleans Parish Medical Society.

Lectured extensively in New Orleans to public, educators and mental health professionals on subjects of child development and adolescent problems.

Established links between New Orleans Psychoanalytic Institute local schools as President of NOPI.

Organized meetings with middle school principals and high school guidance counselors.

Conducted monthly meeting for nursery school principals for 10 years.


Academic Appointments

Clinical Instructor, Louisiana Statement University School Of Medicine Department of Psychiatry

Clinical Instructor, Tulane University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry

Editorial Roles Within Professional Journals –Editorial Reader Psychoanalytic Quarterly 1985-94


Participation in Congresses and Conferences.

Organized IPA Congress in New Orleans 2004

Organized 5 joint clinical meetings between North America and FEPAL 1992-2000 (held in Mexico 92-94-96, in the Caribbean 98 and in the Amazon (Brazil) in 2000)


Sample of Congress and Conference Presentations:

Overview of Psychoanalytic Thinking in the United States. 1998 Congress of Latin American Federation of Psychoanalysis (FEPAL) Sao Paulo Brazil

Psychoanalysis: It’s future, an Illusion? FEPAL Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1990

 Research, Models of the Mind and the Psychoanalytic Process. Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Association in Rio de Janeiro 1991

 Fluctuat Non Mergitur. 1992 FEPAL Congress in Montevideo Uruguay

 Myth and Malleus Maleficarum. FEPAL Meeting on Myths in Oaxaca, Mexico

 Psychoanalysis in the 21 Century: Freud’s Pendulum, An Echo in Psychoanalytic Technique. Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Association, Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1993

 History of Psychoanalysis in Brazil Oral History Seminar, American Psychoanalytic Association 1996




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Hans Loewald e Charles Brenner: Contribuiçoes Teoricas a Psicanalise. Revista de Psicanalise da Sociedade Psicanalitica de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre Brazil vol 1 151-62 1993

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Book Chapters:

Caracteristicas da Produçao Psicanalitica Norte Americana in: Interpretaçao: Sobre o Método da Psicanalise. Sérvulo Figueira Ed. 1988

A Psicanalise no Século XXI; O Pendulo de Freud, um Eco em Técnica Psicanalitica in: Psicanalise Hoje: Uma Revoluçao no Olhar. L Pellanda, Ed. 1996

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Panel Report:

The psychoanalytic Interpretation of Sexuality, International Journal of Psychoanalysis v.79 787-789 1998


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Perversões: Controversias na última fronteira teórica da psicanálise. Trieb v.13 pp. 97- 118 2014

Book Reviews:

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Fluent in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German