IPA and Health Committee has Established Collaborative Facebook Group

In response to my post about new IPA outreach initiatives, Harvey Schwartz wrote to inform members about the new IPA in Health Committee. Harvey wrote, “We have started a Facebook page of that title. We are gathering input from IPA analysts worldwide who work at the interface of the soma and the dynamic mind.  Feel free to read about and contribute to the many fascinating activities’ off the couch’ that our colleagues are involved with. https://www.facebook.com/groups/192953491474038/”
It’s exciting to me that this new committee is reaching out immediately to IPA members and sharing information about their ongoing work.  Harvey concluded, speaking for the IPA in Health Committee, “We welcome your involvement and participation in this project and your joining our Facebook page.”
Harvey added that the IPA in Health Committee is also in the process of establishing an IPA in Health Award which will be given to the project that best reflects work at the interface of the IPA and health. 
In fact, IPA President Virginia Ungar has just announced the IPA in the Community Awards that include awards for projects in four areas in addition to health:  IPA in Education, IPA and Humanitarian Organisations, IPA in Health, Violence, Psychoanalysis and Law, and IPA in Culture.
A first prize of US$1,000 and a second prize of US$500 will be awarded to the two best projects within each macro-area, with a special “President’s Award” of US$5,000 presented to the overall best project. 

Virginia Ungar said, “We know that many IPA members and candidates are already working outside of the consulting room, helping to expand the reach of psychoanalysis and improving access to people that otherwise may not have access to psychoanalytic treatment. These awards will raise awareness of this important work, and will help our members to connect their projects with others to enhance and promote the interchange of knowledge and experience.”

Further information about these new awards, including eligibility criteria and entry guidelines can be found here https://bit.ly/2OridDO.  Applications are due by the  31st January 2019.

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