Removing the IPA’s Veil of Mystery–A Powerpoint That Tells you Who, What and Why

In February, IPA Vice President Sergio Nick gave a PowerPoint presentation at the APsaA meeting in New York.  The presentation contained a lot of useful information including the benefits the IPA provides its members.  It also elucidated at least some of the mysteries of IPA governance and explained the committee structure within the organization which is a good way of seeing more about how the IPA views its mission. I suspect some of you didn’t have a chance to hear Dr. Nick’s talk at the Meeting of Members early Friday morning, so I wanted to make it available to you.  
At the end of the presentation, you will see information about what steps to take if you are interested in serving on an IPA committee. I know we are all weighed down with time spent serving on local and national committees, but I urge you to consider getting involved with the IPA this way.  There is something really remarkable and invigorating about getting to know psychoanalysts from around the world while working together on a project. I’ve converted the PowerPoint to a PDF document. After seeing the presentation, if you have any questions or want the original slide deck, please feel free to contact me.
Click here to view the presentation.
The image that accompanies this post is the view from the new IPA headquarters in London.

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